Bernadette f.


Life Coaching



"If you're looking for the best, you've found him. If you're looking for more of the same ole' stuff, keep moving."


November 2, 2016 




David M.


Letter of Reference for Todd McBroom and his ability to assist you in where you wish to be.


"I am writing this review as a the Vice President of Operations with a successful product and service company in the oil and gas industry. I have had the pleasure of knowing Todd for many years. I can honestly say it is a rare pleasure to be associated with someone of Todd's abilities and integrity. When Todd first approached me with his Coaching and Training vision to assist in the growth and success of an individual or corporation setting and achieving certain goals, he had my full attention. Todd's first book, God was Self Employed was a inspiration and helped me to understand how important it is to keep God and God's plan at the forefront of all that you do in your personal life as well as your business life. From reading Todd's first book, I new that he was on to something special, from there i attended Todd's workshops and enjoyed his motivational CD collection. I have shared my experiences from Todd's teachings with several of my co-workers, and all have found something in the message to inspire and improve their overall attitude and belief in themselves and others around them. I would recommend Mr. McBroom's unique and uplifting message to anyone looking to advance themselves in whatever path they may be on."


October 21, 2016 





Ulika C.





"Todd Mcbroom is one excellent mentor who tackles subjects that truly make one think about one's behavior, paradigms, and current situations that don't allow one to move forward. I provided him a video service, and while doing my job, he kept me inspired, and the product came out very well done (Answering Life's Questions - YouTube)Thank you."


September 29, 2016 





Tim K.


Very Unique




"I have known Todd for years and he has one of the most unique ways of teaching sales skills that I have ever seen. He doesn't just teach Theory. He teaches from experience. He is definitely one of the best Salesman and Trainers I've ever known!"


September 27, 2016 





Scott G.


What is your purpose?

"I have known Todd for 20+ years. I count him as a friend. His passion for helping people find their "Why" in Life, and turning that into a legitimate Pursuit of Happiness comes through when he speaks. His thought provoking style will ignite something inside of you that will cause you to Re-evaluate your life. He has a new take on age old thoughts that is refreshing, and come from a lifetime of chasing his purpose, now he shares openly about the challenges he has overcome and how those have shaped him, his family, and those who hear him when he speaks. Learn to command your life, and the universe will respond to you."


September 27, 2016 





Michele B.


I AM a success story.


"Todd McBroom has mentored me for many years and helped me to understand a deeper knowledge of success. Weekly and monthly sessions were looked forward to to gain perspective in my life and field of business while meeting other people with the same goals. I would highly recommend him for sucess coaching and motivational speaking."


September 26, 2016 




Jay M.


Sales yes we can


"Very informative , my wife and I were struggling with a sales issue. Todd and his program really helped us out"


September 26, 2016 





Brad J.


Life changing!!!


"I participated in one of Todd's 12 week coaching sessions and attended a live event in

September 26, 2016 





Kristin B.



One of the greats!


"Fantastic success coach!! Todd helped me achieve my business goal in less than 3 months! Not only did I reach my goal, but I also gained a wealth of knowledge that has transformed my life!"


September 23, 2016 




Jared H.


Highly recommend!


"Todd goes above and beyond. His value is untouchable. His insights are some that I've never seen before. Would definitely recommend him if you're looking to increase performance and goals in business and life. 
That's when I really saw a change in mine when I started working with him."

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