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January 19, 2016

January 5, 2016

November 9, 2014

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It is with great excitement that I am able to announce the release date of my first book! “God Was Self Employed” is set to release on June 3, 2104 ....


June 1, 2014

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Are You Password Protected?

January 12, 2015

It seems that everything we do now involves some type of electronic device, from talking and texting to eBooks and blogging. Spare time??? No such thing! That time is used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. We can’t even watch live TV anymore, if it’s not on DVR then we watch it on Netflix. Oh and heaven forbid someone actually answer a phone call! How dare you interrupt me by dialing my number, can’t you text?? As I poke fun at some of our ways, but I can’t help but notice what they have in common, all of these involve some type of password protection.


Take a second and look around you and count how many devices have a password for security. How many have the same password? We have so many different passwords that there is even an app for them. What happens if you forget the password for the app? If all of that is not enough, now I have to enter a “captcha” after my password to prove I am a human, which would be ok if they would write them where a human could read the stupid thing. We go to great lengths to protect our money by using a minimum of 8 characters which must contain 1 number and a capital letter, but can’t use a symbol, and I still got my debit card hacked!!! 


All of this really got me to thinking about the most valuable asset we have that is usually left completely vulnerable to be “hacked”...Our mind. This is the gift that God gave us that separates us from every other creature, it controls all that we do and become, yet we place almost no protection on it. The power of the human mind is so powerful that no one has even come close to harnessing or measuring its potential. From the human mind has come every invention that we enjoy today. I think it is interesting that we put security on the objects created from the mind and none on the mind itself. That is like putting a cage around the golden egg and leaving the goose out in the open!!


Scripture tell us in Proverbs 4:23  “More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it.” This is one of my favorite passages, it shows us that everything we do in life flows from there. The mind is our sanctuary for all that we desire to achieve. Knowing this, we should choose to keep this place as clean and secure as possible. Imagine this, if your next door neighbor came over and proceeded to dump his trash, with dirty diapers and all, in the middle of your living room what would your reaction be? You would throw an absolute fit! What is your reaction when someone dumps garbage into your mind?


Be very cautious of what you watch, listen to and who you spend time with. These are the areas that information enter into the mind, these gates should be protected with extreme caution. Make yourself a promise this year to choose wisely the access and information you allow into your life. Whether it is social media, news, TV, music or friends, do an honest evaluation and make the adjustments necessary to achieve all that you are created for.


For more info on this and reaching your potential, contact me for personal coaching.


Live On Purpose,



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