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January 19, 2016

January 5, 2016

November 9, 2014

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It is with great excitement that I am able to announce the release date of my first book! “God Was Self Employed” is set to release on June 3, 2104 ....


June 1, 2014

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I Used To Think I Was An Entrepreneur, And Then...

September 28, 2014

  My first venture into the world of business began at the age of 17, at that time i couldn't spell the word entrepreneur and for sure didn't consider myself to be one. A few years later i was introduced to the network marketing industry and in a flash i was transformed into a super hero version of all that was great about business and America. It was truly amazing how my thought process and attitude could change so much, so fast, and all because i was now able to sell soap and vitamins to anyone that would listen and get others to do the same. 


  The longer that i was in "the business" the more indoctrinated i became in the way of doing business and promoting free enterprise, or at least our version of it. As time went on i became more and more committed to the cause that i had sold out to, even to the point of looking more like a robot than a business owner. I remember having the mindset that if you did not jump on board with us, then you must be an idiot, i was convinced that "our way" was the best and only way. This is where i have really began to reflect on my life in business and the decisions that i have made.


  At the age of 47 and having now owned multiple businesses and worked with 4 different companies in the network marketing industry over the past 26 years i have come to a few conclusions. 


  1. Your way is not the only way. Nothing is more wrong or errorgant than to think you have the only way to make it. I think about Jesus and how he treated those who chose not to follow Him, He honored their right to choose and continued to love them...He didn't call them an idiot and tell them to stay broke.(i have done that)

  2. Don't be a Frat star. Trust me on this, you can join a social club in your city for a lot less money if you just want people to hang out with and accept you. I have seen thousands of people who never make any money in network marketing or do any work that continue to show up. Even worse than that, i have heard countless "leaders" say that if you just hang around long enough and continue to show up you will make it. (i have said this)

  3. Parrots don't change the world. Over and over i have heard, "find someone successful and say what they say and do what they do and you will have what they have". BS! Until you think like they think and believe in your vision like they do you won't get anything but frustrated and confused. I was associated with a company that is full of parrots that have been repeating their master for years and are still living in their cage with clipped wings being told they are eagles. Wake up and take stock of where you are and stop wasting the talent and time that God blessed you with. Stop mimmicking and start creating.

  4. Leaving ain't quitting. Your dream is your dream. I believe in being loyal to the company you choose to partner with. But with that being said, sometimes partnerships either don't work or they move past the point of mutual benefit. I was foolishly committed to the point of looking and acting more like a Jim Jones follower than an entrepreneur during my first 10 years in "the biz". Every opportunity that came my way i refused to even look at (i was a real businessman) because i was sold out to the team instead of my dream. Can you imagine Warren Buffet or Donald Trump doing this???? If your company has a 2-5 year plan and you have been working longer than that, maybe it is not where God has your blessing. Remember the story of the flood and the preacher on the roof.

  5. Use as many ? as ! in business. I have seen this too many times, it is more about the hype that it is about substance. We can be very emotionally led people at times, but in business we need to learn to question as many things as possible. Have you ever noticed how many questions Jesus asked when dealing with people. The key to raising your awareness comes from questioning not cheerleading. Cheerleaders are nice to watch, but they have never put a point on the board. Learn how to ask the right questions, about yourself, your upline and your company. What is the motivation that drives each of these. Seek real answers and not just what you feel like. Remember, it is your dream, your time and your life that you are investing!


  It is my desire that you become all that you were created to be. I believe that you are endowed with seeds of greatness, the only thing stopping the blossom is where and how you sow them.


Live on Purpose








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